The Bun Life - MSNBC's New Show "To Catch a Predator" Remix Idea

On occasion I find myself watching the "To Catch a Predator" series with MSNBC's Chris Hanson, you know, the one where they pose as 13 year old kids and see who is willing to come over their house to have sex with them. Yeah, that one. The fact that these guys want to have sex with young teenage girls doesn't surprise me a whole lot. After all, most of us have our first sexual experiences when we are that age, so it is natural to want to recapture that moment, notice how I said "want" to recapture it, and not "willing to show up at a 13 year old kid's house intent on having sex with her. Memories and fantasy, and reality, in this type of situation are far different.  A percentage of these guys are ill and don't posses the restraint normal healthy people have, that fine line between reality and fantasy is blurred for them. Then you have the percentage of them that are all around scumbags and predators, which is a large percentage unfortunately. To be honest, I was shocked at how many of these guys actually can convince themselves to go through with this. Society's exploitation of young people I feel contributes to the aberration of these guys, everywhere you look you see underwear ads with 14 and 15 year old girls/boys posing in provocative poses. Why would the companies do that? There is only one reason that makes any sense, they know that sex sells and they are pushing their brand with the sex vehicle, anything else is pure bullshit.

The sheer volume of willing participants that show up at these places is mind boggling. These guys are willing to risk EVERYTHING, family, friends, money, jobs, freedom, and anything else just to have that outside chance of a face to face encounter and real experience. That saddens me, I do admit I love watching their face change when the camera crew comes out, uh-oh, life's about to change drastically huh?

NOTE ADDED: I browsed the archives for a couple hours about all the different guys they have caught, man a lot of these guys are downright scary, amazing how after all the individual stings that there is a growing interest and willingness to chance a meeting by these pervs. Thank god I have no children.

2ND NOTE ADDED: Holy shit, just saw the one where the Indian guy stripped and walked in naked asking to watch the teen have sex with the cat with Cool Whip. Its a good thing this guy isn't crazy, otherwise who knows what other shit he woulda brought to the house. I think that guy owns an Amoco by me, or 7-Eleven, or some other terrorist franchise that keep cropping up. Now I wonder what kind of job prospects that guy will have in the US after all this. I imagine he might find some resistance in the job market. Maybe he could include some clips of him chasing down the cat with his willy hanging out on MSNBC. I am sure some terrorist cell or Amoco/Mobil/7-Eleven would be eager to hire a go getter like that, just don't let him bunny sit.

So obviously most of you reading this will understand perfectly why this segment belongs in a rabbit blog, right? Of course. Rabbits and Cho-Mo's go together like biscuits and gravy, wait the biscuit girl told me she was 31, that cake I bought her in my car is for her "31st" Birthday, not her 13th Birthday like you think, I got the 3 and the 1 mixed up, I am Dis Lexus I think, or bass ackwards, I forgot which.

So, the point of my post, I got to thinking how I could work the rabbit angle into this. I got the idea of Baby Fwan starting her own show and sting operation, she would call it "To Catch a Picker Upper". Bare with me here, be brave. Baby Fwan and I would troll (new word I learned in Serial Killer class, it is short for "patrolling", Christ, I am sharp ain't I?) the web and we would try to lure men/women over to my apartment by promising them a face to face meeting with Baby Fwan, and here is where the felony part comes in, we would promise them a chance to pick up Baby Fwan AT WILL. Scandalous I know, but extreme measures require extreme ..uhh...bunnies..I guess?? Anyway, I would portray Baby Fwan, be the decoy kinda, and tell them how fat and fluffy I am with a "sensuous pumpernickel coat" and all. Who could resist at that point? I might even throw up some pics of BF when she wasn't so fat. Then when the chumps get here, I would tape them picking up Baby Fwan, then confront them with the rest of the troops. Then call all their friends back home and show them how they have the brass pair to come to a strange bunny's house and just pick her up without at least wining and dining her first. Bastards!! I am gonna write the pilot tomorrow, right after I get my Prozac adjusted, and NO, this has NOTHING to do with it!!


  1. Okie dokie............

    The "smartest" guy was the one that said he only showed up to "teach her a lesson" so she wouldnt do it again. I wont write what I think should happen to these guys.

  2. I think it is great that we have these wonderful travelling sex education teachers to check in on our kids when we are at work. This is a perfect excuse to go out and buy five or six bear traps for when "teach" drops by again during the week. One guy was a high-school teacher! Was is the key word here though, he WAS a teacher, now he IS an unemployed sex offender registrant.

  3. The way I brought that whole thing full circle I think shows my range.

  4. HAH!!! It actually is a great show. It's so gratifying to watch them get busted, even if it is horrifying the things they say and want to do and actually admit to. And some of them are clearly so starved for attention, they just want someone to talk to, they choose the camera.

    Did you see the one whwere the guy actually recognized the host because he had seen the show? Priceless.

  5. Yes, I saw a lot of them, the fact that some of them expected to get caught, yet came anyway, just shows us how strong the compulsion must be for the sickest of the sick. Frannie hates the show, they only have Swedish subtitles, and not Navajo Code Talker sub T's that Frannie learned in the war. Hey, I just realized, I am not funny anymore!

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  7. Healthy meat? While I admit the thought of Frannie being depumpernickelized sounds somewhat refreshing, we don't get bunnies for their meat. Most of us are rescue people, or at the very least staunch defenders of the Bunny Bill of Rights. If I recall correctly, it says, "Four score and seven Fwans ago, this nation brought forth a zillion bunny rabbits. Now there are too many, and they are neglected as a result, so it is our mission to care for them, not eat them."

    Otherwise, the Long Island diner here would be serving 20 oz. Frannie burgers, with Frannie chips and Frannie Fries.

    By breeding or eating them you only contribute to one facet of the problem or another. I understand people eat meat, but not usually our closest pets. I respect your opinion though.

  8. I gotta admit though, I do get cravings for pumpernickel bagels often, maybe I should shave Frannie completely bald and see if the hair grows back a different color?