The Bun Life - Disaster! Are You Prepared? Do You Have a Disaster Plan??

Ads on TV and in magazines keep saying that it is absolutely imperative that you have a disaster plan all laid out, just in case of a ..well….disaster. I surfed around online and talked to some people here and there just to see if any of them had their disaster plan all set and ready to go, just in case, and quite a few of them said that they did and that it doesn’t have to be very complicated, it just needs to have everyone agreeing on what to do, where to go, etc. I decided that I needed one of ‘dem ‘dare plans, and asked for a copy of one of theirs to use as a reference. Here is the plan they gave me:

  1. If possible, find out where everyone is, and set a plan to reacquaint as soon as possible.
  2. Figure out what is going on, if need be, turn on TV or radio to see if there is a broadcast.
  3. Gather emergency kit (blankets, batteries, coats, medicine, food, etc.).
  4. Figure out where danger resides and head in the opposite direction if you can, bring reserve gas for car if operable.
  5. Travel until safe, temporarily at least, then decide on long term objective.

This sounds real straight forward, and I imagine that my plan would look just like this; of course, I mean if I didn’t have 3 bunnies that is. However, let’s face it, I do have 3 bunnies. So I drew up my own disaster plan, one which accommodates my exact situation.

  1. Find out where immediate family is.
  2. Wake up Fran and Thumps, will most likely need to turn the couch over to get them up.
  3. Chase Sydney around the bedroom for 15 minutes until I can grab him, move the Fort Knox of gates and pens I have in the bedroom so I can get Syd out.
  4. Get both carriers out from the different closets.
  5. While holding Syd, place fresh towels on the bottom of each carrier, dark color for Syd, light for the other two.
  6. Get some hay from the closet and place some on top of the towels in each carrier.
  7. Attach a water bottle to each carrier with clips, etc.
  8. Stuff Syd into his carrier and close it.
  9. Go into living room and place Frannie’s and Thumper’s carrier in the center of the room with the door open.
  10. Wait the 2 seconds until Thumper climbs in and lies down.
  11. Pretend that I am going in the bathroom and hide around the corner to see if Fran will fall for it and hop in carrier.
  12. Once she doesn’t go in, chase her around the apartment for 30 to 45 minutes.
  13. Get the Stun Baton from the closet, and approach Fran.
  14. Pick Frannie up while she is still unconscious, and stuff her pumpernickel ass into the carrier with Thumps.
  15. Gather some medicines for the rabbits, like Revo and Simethicone, etc.
  16. Pack up some bags of pellets, and a bag or two of fresh hay.
  17. Start washing different greens for the rabbits. Let them dry, then pack the greens.
  18. To avert boredom and endless chewing, be sure to pack up one of those Cottontail Cottages.
  19. Cut out a small section of the couch to calm Frannie if she should get homesick.
  20. Pull the car around.
  21. Put some antiseptic on all the claw wounds from the bunnies.
  22. Bandage up wounds.
  23. Pack Syd in the front seat.
  24. Strap and buckle in Syd’s carrier.
  25. Pack Frannie, Thumps, and the 43 bags of rabbit supplies into the back.
  26. Attach a trailer in order to store the gates, playpens, cardboard boxes, and cages for the buns.
  27. Load the trailer with all of the pens and stuff.
  28. Strap and buckle in Frannie’s and Thumper’s carrier.
  29. Attach sign to back bumper that reads, “Caution: We Brake for Buns at All Railroad Crossings”
  30. Pray to god that spending 31 hours packing the bunnies up doesn’t eat up any chance we had of surviving.
Alrighty then, not exactly the fast action, simple plan that I expected, you think it is a tad too long? Gee, I hope I never have to use it!


  1. lol! So true. If disaster strikes, we bunny people and our bunnies are screwed!

  2. My disaster plan-wait in the house with shotgun loaded. Bad guy comes in-shoot them, need something-take it by force from the neighbors (most of them are old anyway)

    What is Revo?

  3. May I suggest that you save some time by having the piece of couch pre-cut for easy/fast removal?

  4. Living in NYC I can only imagine trying to drag all those supplies & bunnies on mass transit during an emergency! Especially when mass transit won't be transiting anywhere during an emergency. (Where can I get the "I brake for Bunnies..." sign? I'd like it for my bicycle).

  5. You see, this is why I like the bunny community so much, it promotes group thinking, great ideas like precutting the couch would have gone unabated had I not mentioned this. Revo is slang for Revolution, the flea treatment. Don't feel bad, I only wrote Revo because I forgot the name of it myself, I knew it started with Revo though :) No kidding.

  6. Ah that is all so true - I only have the one, but once broke a bed trying to get him rounded up and into a carrier to go to the vet and in a separate incident had to give up all together and call the vets and admit I couldn't get him into a carrier. I think more than anyone we rabbit servants need "A PLAN" To save time in the event of a "disaster" - I am going to keep an emergency supply of hay, paper and a litter tray, pellets, critical care and syringes (because being evacuated will upset him), and a replica cardboard house and tunnel in my boot. I don't have a big car - so there'll be no room for a change of clothes for me - but this should mean coercing Pepper into his carrier and picking up my handbag to leave in an emergency will be reduced to around 2 hours rather than the best part of the day.

    Thanks for bringing this important issue to our attention. I'm off to load the car.

  7. LOL, funny stuff, only true bunny people can appreciate this stuff. I always tell people who know nothing about bunnies that the bunny is practically the only pet that treats you worse and worse the more you do for it. They don't understand what I mean, but we all do, I know that. A bossy, picky, arrogant, lazy bunny is one that is being treated like royalty, am I right?

  8. My plan is a little simpler. grab shotgun, go to Jim's apartment. Shoot all three bunnies, bag them in ziploc and throw them in the trunk. Fast food for my dog in the case of a disaster. All my love-SIS
    P.S. Tell Thumps it's nothing personal and I'll make it quick!