The Bun Life - A Fwan in the Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush...err...Under the Couch I Mean

Baby Fwan is incredible I tell you. She is absolutely brilliant as far as rabbits go. She knows exactly what she can do, what she can't, what she should get Thumper to do first, when I am in "pick her up" mode, and when I am doing something else. Like tonight for example, she and Thumps were laying by the TV, pretty much welded to one another. I was cleaning up around them, at times I was even picking up stuff right near them. Walking by, the whole nine yards, and I tell you Frannie didn't so much as move a muscle, or even an earlobe. I scratched her ears and pet her head. Then I thought that now would be a good time to brush Frannie. So, doing nothing different, I walked into the kitchen and got out my towel, which the buns are at least 20 feet from me by now and blocked by the wall. I waltz out into the living room and what do I see? Now there is only ONE bunny..yup..Tumps. Frannie all but packed up and took a flight to Brazil by now.

So I commit a cardinal sin. I lift the couch up. Once that happens, it is game on. I don't care who you are, you ain't catching her, it is absolutely impossible. If I am really determined, I might be able to pen her in after about 30 minutes. Not only does she know EVERY inch of my apartment, but she knows exactly what my weaknesses are. She knows what I am willing to do, and what I am not willing to do. Perfect example, I have her cornered into a hallway area that has one of those Cottontail Cottages there. She is under the cottage, staring at me. Once I get too close, she will dart out, right at me! Why? Because she knows that yes, I will try and snatch her, but I will not force the issue. If she starts to scramble while I am holding her, I am not gonna risk her getting hurt or anything, so I let go. She knows this, and uses this against me, BAD FWAN!! The more you insist on doing something, the more she insists that she ain't doing it. Now Tumps, to get him all you have to do is draw an X on the floor and say, "stand there please" and he'll be like, "Durr, okay, here??" Now why can't Baby Fwan be like that?

In all honesty, I wouldn't change a thing about her, she is an amazing animal. Well, I would get rid of her couch fetish if I could, but that's it. You would never know just by meeting her a few times, but if you watch the things she does, extremely intelligent. If there was a Navy Seals for bunnies, Fran would be like their Black Ops agent or something.


  1. I think Fwan and Biff are from the same litter. Seriously.

    Now what's fascinating is that Fwan hasn't taught Thumps her, errr, "difficult" ways. Biff taught Sogna, my good bunny, almost all of his bad habits and difficult tendencies. She's been his cohort in thwarting my attempts to medicate him!!!