The Bun Life - T.R.T.T.T.

I was looking at my big fat white fluffy Tumpie Rabbits tonight, and I often laugh when I am by myself, come to think of it, I am always by myself. Sniff, sniff, I have no fwiends, waahhh. Okay, back to the blog. Anyway, when I attempt to top off T & BF's litterbox with fresh hay, Thumper is such a hog that he simply can't wait for me to finish filling the box, he has to jump in AS I am filling it. So I developed a technique I call the T.R.T.T.T., which stands for the Tumpie Rabbits Tummy Tickling Technique. I know I know, it sounds stupid, but it works. I simply take my right hand and supinate (huh?) my wrist and with my 3 fingers I reach under Tumpie's big fat tummy, and tickle his belly in a "come hither" motion. After about 5 seconds, he simply cannot stand it any longer and he jumps out of the box. It is too funny, because he tries to tolerate as long as he can, you see him struggling to fight off the urge to run away. I laugh my ass off when I am doing it also, which doesn't help poor Tumps.

Tonight after doing this, I remembered a time when I was a lot older,that I lived with my parents, and we had Thumps and Baby Fwan in the living room. Well one night I was cleaning the litterbox, I put some hay in it and ran out of hay, went to get some more outside so I laid the litterbox up on the couch until I came back. Well, when I walked back in the house, guess who was in the litterbox on the couch?? Yup, Tumps and Baby Fwan. I was laughing so hard I nearly peed my diaper! They just sat there, in the litter box, which was on the couch, eating the hay that was in there. Of course I didn't have a camera handy, but man that would have been a funny video.

What's the moral of the story? DOn't wear diapers when changing the bunny's litterbox! What else?? :)


  1. Awwww yeah Biffy loves sitting in the litter box when I fill it with hay. I put a big clump on top of him, and he just turns his head upwards and starts eating his way out! Then, he always right away starts working on his next. It really looks like a bird's next made of hay!

  2. What a pampered life Thumper, Frannie and Sydney have - belly rubs while eating hay!