The Bun Life - Frannie Fishing

Okay, I know we just did Frannie feathers, but this is a different sport entirely. This is one of the oldest pastimes in human history, or at least for as long as I have had Frannie. So here is how it is done. I get my fishing rod out and tie a 12 hook fishing lore up to the end. And then I cast the rod across the room at......

Okay....just hooks for Baby Fwan.

What I did was buy a yo yo, and take the string off. Then I take a baby carrot and tie the string to it. Wait until Frannie & Thumps (or just Fran) is under the couch, which is usually about 23 hours and 57 minutes out of everyday. Then I lean over the back of the couch and let the carrot drop down to the floor. I don't say anything, I just move the carrot from one end of the couch to another and see how long it takes Baby Fwan to snag the line. It is so funny when she does too! ALl you here is crunch, then she tugs on the string a little. Just like when a fish hits the line. Only instead of setting the hook I am setting the Fwan!.

Okay, you are gonna ask me if I don't tell you. No Thumps has never hit the line instead of Fwan, don't know why, Thumps has got a few more rocks in his head than Baby Fwan does. She is so paranoid she gets scared by her own flying ears.

Frannie loves it because she gets a carrot out of the deal, and she doesn't even have to come out from under the couch.As you can probably tell, my weekends are crazy. I live on the edge constantly, sometimes I get real nuts and return a blockbuster movie without rewinding the DVD! Serves them right, I live by my own rules. Power to the BUNS!!!


  1. Hmmm, one day while you are fishing for bunnies, the bait will be grabbed, you will be sucked under the couch into the Rabbit Dimension never to be heard from again. You will spend eternity dressed in a carrot suit and toiling constantly in a veggie garden.
    Get outta the house a little will ya? Maybe some fresh air.

  2. I love it - the Rabbit Dimension. Must be what all rabbits dream of every night.

  3. Toiling constantly in a veggie garden. Be afraid, be very afraid...

  4. Hmmmm. Bunny fishing sounds like fun for the whole family. We must try it!

    I feel bad that Thumper never gets the carrot, though.

    "without rewinding the DVD." You really are too much. Next time I visit my parents on LI we should have a hermit/bunny party. It will be wild.

  5. You are already are in the bundimension....buying a yo yo for the string? OK everyone else let that one go, I had to mention it....

  6. Yes I am in the bundimension, actually, and what the hell is a hermit??