The Bun Life - Heartbreaking News About My Frannie

It is with a heavy heart that I am telling you all this, I am so upset about it that I can barely type at all. At 12:30 PM yesterday, Frannie’s application to the Ohio College of Clown Arts was rejected indefinitely. This means that she can’t even apply again, I wonder what happened that caused this harsh of a reaction. One of their stated reasons was that none of the clown shoes fit Frannie’s feet. Also, she can’t ride a unicycle either.

Oh well, I guess the positive way to look at it is that now Frannie can devote all of her time to practicing for the 2011-2012 Mrs. Oxbow Plumpers Division beauty pageant. I’m sure she will grieve for a while, but life will eventually go on for all of us. We’ll never have closure though, we will just learn to live with the hole in our heart.

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