The Bun Life - Guess Who's Profile Was On

I can’t believe it, I went online and apparently Frannie placed a singles ad on! Can you believe that? Here check out her ad, it is really crazy:

Me on the Left, Just Ignore My Ex on the Right
Name: Baby Fwan (people just call me Baby Fwan for short)
Age: “You wish!”
Gender: Female
Race: “Yes, I’m Really Fast”
Location: Livingroom and ½ of the Dining room
Education: I Watch a lot of Discovery Channel
Occupation: Full-time Certified House Rabbit
Salary: Two Bags of Western TH per week
Favorite Band: Tumpie Rabbits and the Five Whatchamacallits
Favorite Bagel : Pumpernickel (duh)
Marital Status: Divorced

Personal Section

What is your reason for joining BunMatch?

I am getting old, almost REAL old, and I was in a relationship that was going nowhere. No seriously, we went nowhere, if there wasn’t the occasional trip to under the couch I don’t think I would’ve been able to hold my sanity. I want to meet someone that I can talk to, on the same level as I am intellectually. My ex is a total retard. Cute, white and fluffy yes, but common sense? Nada. He was constantly putting me in situations where I would get picked up, have my nails cut, get my hair brushed! They were HORRIBLE experiences, Jim should be arrested and put away in prison for life for the trauma he caused me.

What is Your Ideal Mate?

A buck who works, pays the bills, can provide a roof over my head, preferably a Cottontail Cottage but it isn’t a deal breaker. I know not everyone can afford such luxuries. Man, I would even settle for an empty 2-liter supermarket box, I hear most of the low-class shelter buns have only that for comfort. He should be decent looking, yes, but that isn’t the most important factor. He must live with a human who DOESN’T PICK ME UP, that is THE most important thing in life to me, before food or shelter even. Also, he can’t be STUPID!

Write a Quick Message to Your Potential Mates Out There

Hi, I enjoy long walks on the carpet, and watching the sunset from under the couch. I am an easy gal to get along with, just no face-humping or getting me picked up, Homie don’t play that.

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  1. HAH!! BF, how could you possibly leave such a sweet, handsome guy as Thumps???