The Bun Life - Wow, Truly Wow

I have been cleaning out my apartment, moving stuff around, etc. I had two empty cardboard boxes, they were already broken down so I could fold them and reuse them in the future. I got sidetracked and left one on the table and one fell on the floor under the table, with a foot of it sticking out.

Now Frannie and Thumps hate the linoleum floor and will not use it to grab a shortcut regardless of whatever they are running from. Well, all that changed, for Fran it did at least. SHe started darting across the kitchen linoleum in order to avoid being picked up. The problem was that she slipped and slid everywhere, so it was only something she would do if absolutely necessary.

Anyway, I woke up to find the one box that fell off the table completely stretched out length wise, which was just barely enough to cover the distance of the gap. I look at Frannie and she was hopping around like she solved world hunger. WIth the cardboard bridge that she built, she can then cross over the kitchen gap to avoid the linoleum floor altogether.

Don't believe me if you want, it is true regardless of what anyone thinks. What shocks me are the following facts:

1. She is aware that she has been stopped in her getaways by the linoleum floor.

2. She knows that she can nmake it across, but it is very scary and she could get hurt or splay her legs or something.

3. Uses the box as a way to solve this issue, what should astonish anyone is the solving of a PAST problem, and anticipation of a FUTURE one.

She knows she can go around, but wants to use it in order to make the getaway quicker. Needless to say, I am stunned.


  1. She showed you! Underestimated a smart bun like Fwannie. I think you learned your lesson.

  2. Einstein + I.M. Pei = Frannie! Get Jane Goodall on the phone! My rabbit has figured out he can flip his food bowl and the food comes to him - but he never figured out how to open the refrigerator door to help himself to the greens! Which I suspect will be Fran's next project!
    I'm impressed with her deduction skills as well as construction abilities - a very large task for such a small bunny! Go Frannie!

  3. Please! Of course she is a problem solver, she is a bun. Next week she will online trying to sell you on craigslist.