The Bun Life - The Bun in Black is Back!

Hello all, I hope everyone is doing well, bunnies included. I hadn't seen BIB but a couple more times after posting the video of him and his cottontail girlfriend in my parent's community. I was driving out of the place when I saw both him as well as two other wild cottontails now. Yes, a trio now. It didn't really surprise me, because there are a million rabbits out East here.

Watching them run and jump over each other was wild. They were going all out, BIB was a virtual nutjob circus act :) He was doing everything but the uneven parallel bars. It reminded me of Bailey Bunny from YouTube (skip first video), doing wheelies etc.

One thing has been bothering me. Even though I've been told on more than 2 occasions by different residents who said BIB has been here for 3+ years, I am still concerned about later this year when Winter starts. Cottontails do not burrow like other wild rabbits. They build nests for their young into the ground, but not the traditional dug burrows. They like to o under a log, a shed, a compressor, etc.

I am just worried about BIB not being able to survive the Winter, just in case the residents are wrong about the length of time he's been here. I am gonna ask a couple people here about some details if they know anything. But, it does worry me, and I know I will be compelled to act if things don't seem well. Other than that, he is one hell of a happy bunny. He has it pretty good out here from what I have seen.