The Bun Life - Why Do They Do That?

I brought Thumps to the rescue the other night, I volunteer there weekly to clean the cages, feed them , etc. I wanted Nancy, the woman who owns the house where the rescue bunnies reside, to help me cut his nails because Thumps practically turns me into swiss cheese when I try to cut his nails. He pulls away every time right before I cut the nail, by the time I am done I am so nervous I feel like I drank a trillion cups of coffee. So my thinking is that 2 people would be needed to cut his nails right? One to hold him, and the other to cut. Nope.

I am sure you other bunny owners can sympathize with me on this one, don't you hate it when your bunny behaves perfectly for a complete stranger than they do for you? I hate that :) Nancy was holding him in her arms when she came down. I wanted to shoot him! He NEVER lets me hold him, if i so much as even think of picking him up he bites my Achilles heel off (okay I am exaggerating, but you know what I mean). That stupid fat lop albino white fluffy booby rabbit!! Okay, I am done insulting Thumper now. Then she cut his nails, ALL BY HERSELF! Unreal, I could kill him. He just sat there like a good old hospital patient while she did what she needed to do. If that was me it would've taken about 4 days to sit there and cut each nail while he jostled and pulled away each time.

Why do they do that? When my sister comes over he jumps up onto the couch into her lap. Oh the humanity! Why doesn't he jump into my lap?? Because in his mind, I am the food getter, the guy that brushes my hair, the guy that talks to me like a stupid baby, and the guy that tries to stuff me in a carrier when I don't want to be. So his first thought is to run when he sees me coming, so sad. Oh well, guess I'll just go watch soap operas with Baby Fwan, I think The Buns of Our Lives is on.

The Bun Life - New Gas Chamber Idea For Fuzzy Wuzzles

After about 10 min of sitting on my lap breathing in the nebulizer with her head in one position, Fuzzy was having no more of it. She would squirm and turn her head the whole time, thus wasting the nebulizer meds. So I decided to turn my carrier into a temporary gas chamber for Fuzzball.

I read about the benefits and disadvantages of using a chamber with bunnies. Nevertheless, I have to nebulize her twice a day so there is no way she will sit through 45 minutes a day of me holding her head one way. I don't think she would like the mask, plus I can do other things while she is being gassed.

Here is my version of the Ghettobulizer:

Not Bad Huh?

The Bun Life - The Nebulizer Bunny

Well, I began nebulizing Fuzzy Wabbles today. For those of you who don't know what that is, nebulizer is a machine that vaporizes medication and the patient holds it to their mouth and inhales. Kind of like a bong hit, but instead of pot you are inhaling medicine. Fuzzy has had a respiratory infection for ages now, this is my attempt to knock it out for good. She is so funny sitting there with the smoke going into her nose, she doesn't move a muscle, I had to pinch her to make sure she was still alive for god's sake.

Instead of the Energizer Bunny, Fuzzy Wabbles is now the Nebulizer Bunny. I guess that would be like the crackhead version of the Energizer Bunny, instead of starting up UFO's, Fuzzy would go around sneezing and blowing snot all over everyone!! Oh no, it's the Nebulizer Bunny! Everybody run! Poor Fuzzy, she never asked for this fame and fortune, she just wants to be a good little fuzzball. But no, now she shall nebulize all of mankind, and bring white snot to those who are less fortunate! Go Fuzzy!

The Bun Life - Close Call

Wow! I couldn't believe the close call I had the other day with Thumps and Frannie. I live in an apartment building and on the lower floor. The people above me all have small dogs in their apartments. Well the other day, I am getting ready to go out, remember T & F are free range now, so I open my front door to leave and just at that exact moment one of the upstairs neighbors is coming down the stairs with their dog. It was a small chihuahua type thing. This thing was not on a leash and made a bee line right for my living room, WHERE MY BUNS ARE!! He bolted between my legs and I frantically swirled around and grabbed the dog with both arms, lifting him up and putting him down outside my apartment door. Whew! What a horrible feeling that was, don't get me wrong I love dogs and everything, but if he had attacked my buns it would've been the end of him right then and there. The idiot neighbor should have had him on a leash. He said that he puts the leash on in the hallway. I told him that is not good enough. He agreed thankfully, so we didn't have to get loud or anything. For some reason I think it is all Fran's fault, I don't know why but I just do.